WHITE CANDLES: white candles are to elevate spirits and symbolize purity, truth, virtue of all kinds.Used to bring peace and communition with our guardian angels.For devotions in remembering and contacting departed souls.

BLACK CANDLES: black candles is the most controversial of all. Black candles are used for black magic and strong spells of destruction. Black represents the still of the night, the deep cold and franquil waters the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. A burnig black candle symbolizes light coming out of the darkness. Working in Palo Mayombe you should light at least one black candle for the spirits twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday.

RED CANDLES: red candles is the color of lifes, blood, and emits. A very strong positive vibration. This candle in Palo Mayombe spell is used for domination and to have victory over enemies. Red candles in Palo Mayombe is used for: love spells, courage, energy, strength, protection against any psychic attack by enemies and to conquer fear.

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS: seven African powers is used for success and help in very difficult situations that will assist you in bringing to fruitation and particular aims and desires.Is used for blessings,protection and special requests.Brings blessings and supernatural powers from the spirits of Palo Mayombe.

PURPLE CANDLE: purple candles in Palo Mayombe can be used for tragic accients. Therefore, it is used for power and strength.To give you power and control over people.Breaks up jinxed conditions.

BLUE CANDLE: blue candles in Palo Mayombe is used for women to keep a man faithful and to create peace and blessings in home.Good for quick money and health.

GREEN CANDLES: green candles is to attract money, work and matrimony, abundance, good health, good fortune, materia gain, fertility,good health,and renewal,promote balance and harmony in any off balance situation.

YELLOW CANDLES: yellow candle s used for healing and to improve business. Also used to bend the mind of another, to aide the memory. Many people of the Carribbean tradition also burn yellow candles to chase evil and for exorcism.To make you dream and make dreams and desires come true.

DEVIL CANDLES: devil candles are used when working with the spirits of darkness. black devil candles are used for destruction and red candles are for dominating and individual.

CRUCIFIX CANDLES: crucifix candles are used for spiritual misas and spiritual altars for the egun. White crucifix candles are used for spiritual protection; Red crucifix are used for love spells; green crucifix candles are used for prosperity and to open up the roads.

BLACK CRUCIFIX: black crucifix candles are used for divine justice.

SKULL CANDLES: skull candles are used when working Palo Mayombe spirits. These candles are placed near the cauldron of the spirit for communication. Black skull is to communicate with the spirits of darkness and used for spells of destruction. White skull is for communication with the spirits of whiter light and to free and individual who is possessed with an unclean spirit.

MALE IMAGE CANDLE: male image candle is used in spell of harm and in love as well to dominate an individual. Male image in black is used to harm. Male image candle in red is used to dominate a man.

FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: female image candle in black is used to inflict harm. Female image candle in red isused to dominate a woman.

PINK CANDLE; pink is a color which generates affection,self -generosity,belflessness.IT is an excellent choice for matters of domestic,true love,as spiritual fulfillment.To achieve success and affection.

ORANGE CANDLE; orange candle is a color of great power.It symbolizes enthusias,fun,vitality,stimulation,succes adaptability,attraction,and friendship.To make you attractive to others.

BROWN CANDLE: brown candle is the color of the soil,earth,and its vibration is concentrated in the materia plane.
Some people like to burn brown candles in time of financial crises,as it allegedly attracts money and financial success.Us in time of financial difficulties.Attracts money,happiness and success.

GOLD CANDLE; gold candle symbolizes Universal fraternity,great fortune,the intutive faculties,and the Cosmic mind.It can be burned to promote understanding,for divinatory rituals,to bring about peace in a group.For fast lusk as financial benefits. and to bring in money.

GREY CANDLE; grey candle is burned to remove evil influences,or to neutralize any exsting undesirable vibrations.
Help to aid the development of psychic abilities.

GUARDIAN ANGEL; guardian angel candle is used for protection.

ST.ANTHONY CANDLE; st.anthony candle is to request a special favors and success.

SAN ALEJO CANDLE; san alejo candle is for protection from enemies and satan.To chase away evil.

ST.BARBARA CANDLE; st.barbara candle is for counrage to do the things you need to do and for protection.

ST. CLARA CANDLE; st.clara candle to create understanding and knowledge.Will clear serious problems.

CARIDAD DEL COBRE; caridad de cobre candle to gain love,affection and money.Aid in difficult pregnancies.

SAN EXPEDITO CANDLE; san expedito candle is for quick help in time of trouble and for protection.

JUST JUDGE CANDLE; just judge candle is burn for protection in court cases.

ST.JUDE CANDLE; st jude candle is to help in very difficult matters.Green for jod and money.White for serenity.

ST. LAZARUS CANDLE; st. lazarus candle is to help in your daily needs and to heal in health problems.

LA MADAMA CANDLE; la madama candle is for protection.Excellent for luck.

ST.MARTHA CANDLE; st.martha candle is to help overcome difficult moments.To gaing aid and protection.

ST. MICHAEL REVOCATION CANDLE; st.michael revocation candle to send evil back to one who caused evil.

BARON DEL CEMENTERIO; baron del cementerio candle is to return evil to person who sent it to you.