EL Coco EL Obi

Oracle of Biague is the name given to the method or system of guessing through the use of FOUR PIECES OF COCONUT. This Oracle receives such a name because, according to the corresponding "apatakin", it was an awe (soothsayer) called Biague who created such a system of divination, having later passed this secret to his son named Adiatoto. Even though there are those who maintain that the biague oracle gives twelve letters and there are also those who say that the five known positions should be interpreted as as many Oddun, similar to those presented in the diloggun, we stick to the Five fundamental positions already The interpretation of the same was done by the old men more than fifty years ago, when the shadow of mercantilism did not weigh so much on the Ocha rule. In the coconut (obi) we will say, there is the ABC of the lucumi divination and its use is the most elementary available to the Olocha to quickly obtain the questions and answers of an Orisha. Now we go into detail the process of registration with coconut (obi), before going further, we want to note that.

1-You only have to ask yourself about a single issue.
2-The saint answers, affirmatively or negatively, briefly and laconically. Brief and laconic, too, should be the questions.
The coconut speaks with FIVE WORDS NOTHING MORE, that is, according to the position that the presents presents when the four pieces that the santero throws to interrogate the orishas fall to the ground, the one who, kneeling, throws them from chest height or if you are standing, from the height of the knees, this attitude is the most usual.

The Five Letters of the Coco (Obi)

1-It is called ALAFIA, when the four pieces of coconut fall, with the white part facing up. In this letter they speak; CHANGO AND YORULA, and it means; Yes, Peace, Prosperity, Grace.

2-It is called OTAWE, when three pieces of coconut fall, with the white part facing up and one inverted, they speak through this letter; CHANGO, OGGUN, YEMAYA AND OCHOSI. This letter says Yes, as Possibility, that is, what He wonders it is possible; but that it is subject to some condition, such as making an 'ebbo', giving something to the saint, etc. the word OTAWE means 'To be in front'.

3-It is called EYIFE, when two pieces of coconut fall showing the white part and two inverted.They speak in this letter; ELEGGUA.OGGUN.OCHOSI AND OSUN.It is Yes roundly and Firmly.Ratify what the letter ALAFIA marked, if this came out before. It is the strongest letter that the coconut has. After she says Yes, there is no further investigation into the matter in question.

4-It is called OCANA SODDE, when inverted coconut falls and only one showing the white part. In this letter they speak CHANGO, BABALU AYE, AND LOS IKUS (for some santeros they only speak in that letter Chango and babalu Aye). This letter can mean Simply no, it can also suggest death, or at least, some serious difficulties.

5-It is called OYEKU, when the four coconut fall inverted, that is to say the opposite of ALAFIA, showing the shell upwards and the white pulp upside down. In OYEKUN they speak CHANGO AND YANSA. It says NO and announces death. It is BAD letter.
ALAFIA, it is GOOD or BAD letter. Good, when later EYIFE OR OTAWE bad falls, when instead of EYIFE or OTAWE all the coconuts fall backwards, in OYEKUN. Then you have to ask the Saint what must be done to kill that letter, In other words, what a sacrifice to prevent some adversities of any order, which is what OYEKUN OR OCANA SODDE always predicts.


ALAFIA; It means Good, Peace of mind, happiness. Yes, everything is fine, but ask yourself a second time for greater security.

ELLIFE; It is the MAJOR letter OF THE COCONUT, its word is firm and invariable. NO MORE TO ASK.

OTAWE; It says Yes, and since it is not sure, you have to ask again.

OCANA; It says No. It is a letter that announces something bad. That is why they talk about the ears and open their eyes wide.

OYEKUN; It says No. It is the letter 'BAD', it announces death. When the coconuts fall in OCANA a candle is lit to the dead. CHANGO also speaks and the one who throws the coconut touches her chest and says; Olufina. Then she. mo fin caregoddo, da fa mo fin care goddo ba, e cuanimollubba abe ebba mi oma tun oma echo aba mi ohe fun ni omo ni mi.

Everything Is Possible Joy, Well-being, Satisfaction TaTa Make The Impossible Possible