The Coconut - Obi

The Yoruba legend talk at one time about the coconut (Obi) was very admired and loved by the creator Olofi the father us is gods.The coconut was sincere,with a pure soul and loving heart.Olofi reward him for good qualities shining white all over,and placed him on the top of the highest a palm tree.Obi found himself in a high position.Obi became very arrogant and very vain.Obi decided to have a party and told him closes friend Eleggua to go and invite them closest friends,and mutual friends to the big party.Eleggua at the party noticed Obi change with the closest friends and mutual friends how arrogant him become,decide to test Obi goodwill Eleggua invited to the somes beggars and derelicts him find on the street.Obi saw his beautiful house with derelicts and deggars and with smelling rags on he almost choked with rage.Obi threw them all out of his home and told them dont come back to my home again.All guest left the party full of shame,Eleggua convinced of Obi change,left with all the guest.Few days later,Olofi told Eleggua to go back to Obi house with a message for him,Eleggua refused to go and when Olofi pressed him for a reason,he told Olofi what had happened at Obi party.Olofi was sad with the news,The creator tranformed himself to a beggar and went to Obi house.Obi saw a deggar standing at the door he told the begga Olofi to leave immediately and promptly slammed the door in his face.Olofi walked a few steps away and turning his back on the house,he called to Obi in very loud voice look who i am Olofi.When Obi saw that the beggr was Olofi,he was very frightened,and shaking with fear,Obi pleaded with Olofi forgive him.Olofi refused to forgive the offense and condemned Obi to fall from the palm tree and roll on the ground at the mercy of whoever would want to pick him up.Olofi changed Obi color and although his inside remained white,his shell became black and his outer cortex green.Obi color black symbolized Obi sin of pride and arrogance and the color green symbolizes the hope that someday Obi will change his ways and become pure again.The condemned Obi to predict the future.The coconut is never used for reading or registro.Any orishas as well as the egun,the dead can be conulted by means of the coconut.The coconut have five patterns they are.

The Coconut -Obi five Patterns:

1- ALAFIA: When four coconut fall on the white side.In this pattern speak Chango and Orunla and the answer is Yes,although it is not a firm answer.When Alafia appears,you must kiss the floor is an indication the orishas give their blessings.If two coconut fall on top of each other this means Alafia comes with ire is good luck and special blessing pour some water on the top of the coconut and drink it.

2-Itagua: When three coconut fall on the white side and one brown.In this pattern speak Chango,Yemaya,Oggun and Ochosi the answer is uncertain you must throw the coconut again.If the pattern repeats itself,or if it is Alafia or Ellife,the answer is yes,Itawa means that there is something missing.

3-Ellife: When two coconut shows white and two brown sides.In this pattern speak Eleggua,Oggun,Ochosi and Osun the answer is a Strong Yes,with out a doubt.

4-Okana Sode: When three coconut fall and show brown and one white side.In this pattern speakChango,Babalu Aye,the Dead,the answer is No and talk about Death.

5-Oyekun: When all four coconut fall and show brown sides.This is a Strong No and predicts death.It is an evil pattern and the orishas must be consulted immediately to determine what is wrong.
The coconut divination must not never be undertaken lightly by someone who is not experienced in the method.By do so is to ask for trouble.When Oyekun fall is a evil pattern and you must know how to clean this letter up is a negative energy,harmful,evil influence.I recommend that only people who really know to read the coconut the orishas only speak to initiated through the coconut,and that the answers obtained by aleyos come not from the orishas but from the dead.When a orisha talk the santero tears pieces of coconut over the stones of the orisha.

The Coconut Interpretations;

ALAFIA: It means Yes and peace and happiness.To ratify its message the coconut must be read again.

ELLIFE: This is the strongest and most definite answer of the orishas.It means Yes and prognosticates great happiness.It not necessary to ask the same question again.

Itagua: It means Yes,but it is necessary to ask the same question again.It indicates that a mistake has been made somewhere.

OCANA- Sode: It means No and predicts evil.When the coconuts fall this way for anyone present to pull their ears and open their eyes wide in order to dispel evil influences.

OYEKUN: it means No.This is one of the most evil of the patterns and predicts death and destruction.When this falls,to light a candle to the deadand ask for them help in the problem being faced.Refreshed the coconuts into a container of fresh water.If Oyekun falls twice in a row,it means is a serious trouble and a chicken must be sacrifice to Eleggua and Chango to dispel the evil and be protecte by the two orishas.