Foundation of Palo

The Nkisi "Spirit" Of Palo Mayombe God Above Us, God Below Us, God in The Four Corners (Tata Reggie)


The Bantu religion, its deities were materialized in the so-called Ngangas or Prenda, giving their deities a spiritual diversification that makes them manifest themselves in multiple of them, without ceasing to be the same, hence the saying of the adepts to This religion that 'there is only one God and one true essence' We must explain that these ngangas, potentially developed by the noble or malefic spirits that accompany them, act in different ways, since the nganga must function according to the manifestations of the character of its owner, his desires and his intelligence. The foundations of the Mayombe and Palo Monte Rule.

Nsambi, Sambia: is God he created heaven and earth and them all nature forces.

Nsambe, Sambia: It is God is the first and foremost the Creator. The name in Congo in Africa is Nzambi Mpungu, in Cuba it is Nsambi, Sambia or Sambia. Creator from the greatest to the smallest and the softest to the hardest, and the Agara the air, fire, earth, mountains, trees, grass, animals, sun, sky, clouds, moons, stars. Nsambi above us, Nsambi below us, Nsambi in the four cornes, Nsambi is first.

Nfumbe, Dead: the Dead, the Spirits, the Ancestor. The Nfumbe rest inside the individual NgaNga cauldron pot.

Nfumbe, Dead: The Spirit, The Ancestors, The Dead live in the NgaNga of the staff.

Lucero Mundo: the gatekeeper without his blessing no doorway can be entered, and without his help, no material threshold can be crossed.Lucero is the trickster, does not respond to neglect.With out Lucero Mundo nothing moves.Lucero is one of the warriors and keep next to the NgaNga.

Lucero Mundo: The spirit of the doors, The crossings and Fortune.Dominant of the four winds, revered in the Mayombe religion as the owner of all roads, and a powerful magnet to attract and reject the influences of good and evil.There is no nganga without Lucero Mundo, since this is used by her, as quia Of the purposes that the nganga are entrusted by the Tata, their function in this religion is of such importance that everything is consulted first than the nganga, since they are aware in advance of the matters that come to the temple . Of such great magnitude is the work of this deity, that the first thing a mayombero poses is a Lucero, since this also acts as the teacher of the future Tata, with him the first steps in the mayombe 'works' are learned. It is used as Eleggua in the Yoruba religion.

Zarabanda: The god and Owner of all iron.Zarabanda is present where ever iron is found, he is found in must NgaNgas since most are iron cauldrons.Zarabanda is also a powerful Congo diety for war, destroy, accident.

Saraband: The metal spirit, Of war, Destruction and accidents. Representative of the forest and metals, his strength and speed in the work entrusted to him by the Tata, make him be preferred by them for destructive causes, because this iron inclination does not leave an assignment unfinished.Zarabanda is considered the most Warrior of the conga mythology. The spirit of this was taken by the elders of the Palo Monte rule to promote its first foundation, since they wanted to test with a spirit of the characteristics of Oggun, the force and violence of this was manifested in that nganga.

Seven Rays, Nsasi: Seven Lightning Bolts .The greatest king, magician of our religion.Siete Rayos dont like the dead, his personality loves everything sensual dancing, drumming, fighting.Siete Rayos lives on the top of a palm trees.All mens must not mistreat Siete Rayos daughters , the god fiercely protect his female devotees.The god of fire, thunder, and lightning.

Seven Rays: The spirit of lightning, fire and the sky. He is one of the most powerful warriors, also considered the superior magnet in love affairs, boisterous and at the same time dangerous because his variable character makes him commit to solve the problems presented by his faithful, acts so subtle that they do not appear to be works of sorcery. This is fire, a weapon with which he attacks his enemies who die in apparently casual fires or suicides of people through this. Seven Rays is also the representation in Yoruba of the one known by Shango.

Mpungo: Congo god are deified ancestors of the Bakongo.They were first to walk the Congo and the first to experience everything.Mpungo is dead spirit that work directly with God, Zambia.This spirits of the dead serve us one time of life or another time of life.

Mpungo: God of Congo defender of the ancestors of the Bakongo.Mpungo was the first to walk the Congo.Mpungo is the spirit of the dead and works directly with God, Zambia.This spirit of death served us at one time to another.

Mother of Water, Mama Kaluga; She rules the oceans from where all life emerged.She possess all wisdow as vast as ocean.Madre de Agua is the goddess who controls the seas and the water element.She is the spirits of the seven seas.

Mother of Water: The spirit of the Seven Seas, peace, fertility and motherhood.

Mama Chola Wengue, Mpungu, Mama Shola Wangue rules all rivers.Goddess of love, also a fiece warrior.If she turns against a devotee, she will never forgive you.Mama Shola Wangue her beauty and vibrant, known for her laughter. her devotees, can be brutal with them if they fail to meet her expectation. All promises made to her must be kept. If someone work with Mama Shola Wangue must be paid in advance and in full for their services.

Mama Shola wenge: The spirit of love, Money, Seduction, Fame and fortune.Mama Shola wengue is the spirit of rivers. Owner of rivers and protector of women, this nganga was promoted in the Palo Monte religion, as an amulet and protector since Mayombe initiations are seldom performed in it, its objective within the house of Tata Nganga is of sexual influence, this nganga controls the disgust that the nganga father of the temple has towards women and carries out the mooring works with real ease and speed.

Centella Ndoki: The fiercest of all warrior. Centella Ndoki she rules over Nfuiri, the Angel of Death also known as Iku. Centella Ndoki is saind to be at the cemeteries gates to aid must people making the transition from the material to the spiritual wourds. rainwater, also the lightning, which is fire.Her most important aspect is she ruler of the wind, the storms, the air of life we breath. Centella Ndoki is the most powerful female force in the universe.

Centella Ndoki: The spirit of the cemeteries and Queen of the world of Eggun .. Conga goddess very feared within the Mayombe religion since she owns the domain of the cemetery, the dead and the tempest, Centella Ndoki founded plaza liri ntoto chamalongo yanza furi llandoki as mayomberos call her It is of a superb and unruly nature, the mayomberos prefer to have this nganga buried in their houses. This nganga possesses the spirit of Oya of the Yorubas, and is only built in a Mayombe temple when there is too much influx of nfumbes (dead) in it. She, as the dominator of these, can control them and thus the Tata looks more developed and liberated. Tata Nganga, for its bad or good purposes, its effectiveness to do harm.

Earth trembles, Kengue: Owner of all white things in the would, and protector of everyone.Tiembla Tierra creat the human intelligence.Him brought to this wourd the fertility to creat male and female halves, thus introducing sexual intercourse into the new wourd.

Earth trembles: The spirit of peace and protection. Very respected in the Mayombe rule, it possesses the virtue of the balance between the force of evil and that of good is the balance Father of the fierce Zarabanda and Siete Rayos, and dominator of the heights, hills and mountains In religion it is used to balance as As before said the forces in contradictions, but this does not make him less dangerous than the other deities, since his anger is irrepressible in the face of any offense committed by any of the faithful of this religion.Obatala Yoruba deity of similar tendencies.

Watariamba, Cabo Rondo , This is the spirit of justic, for homes.Watariamba is the god of hunter and wars.

Cape Rondo: The spirit of the house, and the Indians and the justices.

Lukankanse, Lucambe: He have the aspect of the devil Nzambi wen you are working with a NgaNga judeo. Lukankanse work with all the element of the wourd and by the palero place the crucifix upside dowm to call that spirit to work with.Not all palero work with Nzambi.

Lukankanse: It's the devil

GuruNfinda: She is the god of all plants.All palero work and make magical potions with all plants.Ngurufinda she was the fisrt to discovered the secret of the plants.

Ozain: The spirit of the sacred herbs and the future.

Kukayende, Babalu Aiye: He is the god of the disabilities, skin promblems, syphillis.Kubayende is the old white man with crutches.Him protects the elderly people with all condions and blood infections.

Babalu Aiye: The spirit of health

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