Not all people are "chosen" to belong to this religion of African descent, there are those who, even though they are a prot�g� of a nganga belonging to a Mayombe house, are never initiated, as this only occurs when the person has certain virtues that are appreciated by the Nganga and her Tata, for example, being a material instrument of a Mayombe or Yoruba spirit who wants his material instrument to belong to the religion that he belonged to in life, or a descendant of some possessor of the Nganga, alive or dead; In some cases - very few - people are sacramented for health reasons or because they show great devotion to the nganga and Tata. Even having these virtues, the person has to be '
these are; the ceida, the palm, the river, the sea, a hill, the mountain and the ceentery, where a change of clothes will be buried that will be collected the same night of its initiation and will be used on this.

The initiation of a Tata, is something very difficult to achieve, because this only occurs when a "enguello" has managed to establish a series of virtues that make him worthy of it. A Tata Nquise as he is called, is the true apprentice priest , their knowledge, devotion and means of social life, must be in accordance with the precepts required by the Mayombe rule. It is not easy for the men of this time to adapt to these demands, since modern life offers them opportunities for greater culture, work and pleasures that only a devoted fan of the Mayombe could reject; because this rule requires its cultists to stay in the mountains. and savannas, where you must learn to know the vegetation,

The initiation of a Tata Nquise is chosen by the Tata Nganga, the butler and the Yayi Nquise, according to the prediction that the Nganga has made in advance of the candidate of such size; Once his choice is made, the future Tata Nquise must remain in more direct contact with the Mayombe house to which he belongs, in order to deepen his knowledge, receive the influences and instructions that the spirit that animates the Nganga must give him, in addition to this form remains further away from mundane life. It is easy to deduce that one of the things that influence their choice is their choice, is being married, since in this state their behavior can be better observed in life,

Strictly rigorously and deeply secret, it is the initiation of a Tata Nquise, only those already consecrated as such attend it, and the 'elders' of other Mayombe houses, who give faith and recognition to said initiation. places visited when his initiation of enguello, but this time with rites of more scope, where "older" from other Mayan houses, which give faith and recognition to said initiation. This must go through the places traveled when his initiation of enguello, but that Once with more extensive rites, where he 'sees more light' since he has acquired more knowledge and has received more influences from the deities that dominate those places.In short, a Tata Nquise is prepared for in the future,perhaps not too far away, to consecrate himself as Tata Nganga, which will make him a true mayombero, and according to the ramifications that his Nganga emerges, owner of a Mayombe or Palo Monte branch.

"Everything Is Possible Joy, Well-being, Satisfaction The TaTa Make The Impossible Possible"