Rituals Sacred


The prayers and rituals of Palo Mayombe are simple but yet complex. Rituals with the spirits are a serious and important aspect of Palo Mayombe. The more time that you spend working with the spirits the more benefits you will receive. The spirits will never give you a situation that you can not handle. Although, you should be ready to prove your allegiance to them. If you fail then it may be a long time before you egain their confidence. The further you go into Palo Mayombe, the more rituals you will need to learn. If you have a good Padrino-Madrina in Palo Mayombe they will be able to teach you and tell you when you are ready to recieve the next initiation of Palo Mayombe for the beginner of palo Mayombe. I have included just a few prayers and rituals to get you started.


The success of spells depend upon the experience that the palero has acquired. If you just a beginner or have been initiated into Palo Mayombe do not expect miracles over night. In time as you work closely with the spirits you will even amaze yourself. Palo Mayombe spells should not be taken lightly or ignored. Palero priest should have a clear mind and do not rush into anything.


When a palero conduct a cleansing ceremoony for an indvidual it is usually associated with removing witchcraft or a so strong sorcery. The magic of Palo Mayombe is so strong,usually only a palero has done to individual. Palero priest works with the spirit of darkness and therefore he will as his own energy to save the individual. If a palero fails at this cleansing are perforned with a wide variety of items such as herbs, candles, rum, live animals and spiritual waterl. An experienced palero will be able to quickly determine the type of spiritual illness that plaques an individual and the necessary remedy.


Animal sacrifice is an important part of the rituals of Palo Mayombe and the Santeria religion in general. the sacrifice of live animals sould not be taken lightly or ignored and it must be sacrifice in the following manner. Under no circumstances must the animal be allowed to suffer as this would violate the Palo Mayombe and the Santeria code of ethics.