Velas Sus Significado

Candles and Their Meaning

WHITE CANDLE; it means truth, sincerity, peace, devotion, joy, purification, protection and power.

BLACK CANDLE; means against black magic, sadness, bad influence

RED CANDLE; means love, vitality, power, passion, sexuality.

SAIL SEVEN POTENCIAS AFRICANA, means success in difficult situations, to ask for help.

VIOLET CANDLE ; means wisdom, psychic power, spirituality, business success, against fluency.

BLUE CANDLE; means spirituality, blessings, peace, health, enlightenment.

GREEN CANDLE; means prosperity, abundance, fertility, success, health, youth.

YELLOW CANDLE; means invocation of spirits, meditation, attraction, overcoming, perseverance.

DEVIL CANDLE; It is used rather by black magic, as a symbol to occupy places dedicated to worshiping darkness and evil.

CANDLE OF THE CROSS; It is used for the altar and is used to give energy to an altar and ask for a favor.

CANDLE OF THE CROSS BLACK; used for justice.

SKULL CANDLE; used to ward off evil influences against hidden enemies, and also in spiritual reversals, is considered very strong.

CANDLE FIGURE OF MAN; used for someone who is far away, or even for those around us, to separate a couple.

CANDLE FIGURE OF A WOMAN; it is used to look for the love or attraction of someone in particular and the separation of a couple

PINK CANDLE; is for success, love, abundance, passion.

ORANGE CANDLE; is for stimulation and attraction for triumph, power, intelligence.

CANDLE COFFEE ; it is for balance, neutrality, trust, security in finances and studies.

SILVER CANDLE; is for goodness, victory, conquita.

GRAY CANDLE; it is to expel bad fluids and unpleasant influences.

CANDLE ANGEL GUARDIAN; is for protection.

CANDLE SAN ANTONIO; It is for success and when you want a very special favor.SAINT ALEJO CANDLE; It is for protection against enemies and negative forces and to ward off the negative.

CANDLE ST.BARBARA; It is for protection and having enough courage to do the things you need

CANDLE ST. CLEAR ; it is to ask for help in understanding and wisdom.

CANDLE CHARITY OF COPPER; It is to get love, affection, delicate and difficult pregnancy, money.

VELA SAN EXPEDITO; is to move forward in a difficult situation and as protection.

SAIL JUSTO JUDGE; is to ask for protection and help in court cases.

CANDLE JUAN CONQUISTADOR; It is to help in difficult problems.

CANDLE SAN LAZARO; It is to ask for help in health problems and for prosperity.

CANDLE THE MADAMA; it is to ask for love, and if it is of three colors it is for good luck and prosperity.

CANDLE ST.MARTA; is to obtain assistance in problems and to obtain benefits and protection.

CANDLE ST. MICHAEL REVOCATION; It is to ask for value, protection and liberation of the sea, it is of help to revoke seas and return them to whoever sent them.

CEMETERY BARON CANDLE; It is for the revocation to cut bad fluids in the home, and return the evil to whoever sent it.